Made Possible by Squatting

'Made Possible by Squatting' was an exhibition/living archive/social space/home in a squatted building on Dock Street, London from the 9th-16th September 2013.

Over the summer of 2013 the MPBS collective made a call-out for submissions that told stories of how squatting has benefitted the lives of individuals and communities in London- against the backdrop of the government's attempts to criminalise squatting.

The photographic, video, audio, sculpture, posters and performance pieces that people brought to the Dock Street space can be viewed in the on-line archive hosted on this site.

- - -

London is a city of secrets, of layered, hidden histories. One of the histories of London that remains more obscured and certainly less celebrated than others is that of Squats and Squatters, despite it playing an important part in shaping the city and many of the lives of the people that live here.

Historically, squatting an empty building has been a way to create a temporary home. The occupation of an empty building may last days, weeks or years, but once evicted, buildings are eventually demolished or redeveloped along with the lives that were lived inside them.

Sometimes however, a squatted building or project remains and is allowed to grow, to persist. It may move or be moved on but it remains the legacy of the buildings which made it possible. Bonnington Café, Crossroads Women’s Centre, 56a and Islington Community Housing Co-op are some well-known examples in London alone.

This project seeks to ask what have we already lost? And, what more do we stand to lose if these laws are not fought?